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Full Version: modification of the script "LRTimelapse sync keyframe", or creation of a new script..
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Using the script "LRTimelapse sync keyframe" to synchronize several selected keyframes, would it be possible

either to have an option window to select which setting to synchronized

or to have a dedicated new script to synchronized only the "local adjustments" setting

since, if I understood well, any other setting could be synchronized with no risks with the integrated LR tool.
Any "Lua" expert, who would like to help out with this?
Yes, I have the same request! I'd love to be able to synch the linear gradients by themselves, after I've made all the other adjustments to the keyframes. I looked at the Adobe SDK for writing scripts, and it looks pretty straightforward. If nobody else looks into this, I'll take a swing at it sometime next Fall. (Summer is my busy season)
The "01 LRTimelapse Sync Keyframes.lua" file is not readable by ordinary lua script editors. It's been compiled, obfuscated, or both. Can you ask the developer how to decompile or de-obfuscate the file? Thank you.
Better yet, could you just ask him or her for the original "01 LRTimelapse Sync Keyframes.lua" script?
There is now a new Script in LRT 5.2.1, which will sync only the gradients, and still preserve any LRTimelapse compensations like Holy Grail Wizard and Deflicker. Thanks to Charlie Tennessen for the help with this.
Basically this now means:
- You use the normal "LRT Sync Keyframes" Script, to bring all settings from one keyframe to the next.
- You use the native selective sync in Lightroom for everything, but NOT the gradients.
- If you need to sync the gradients separately, you use the new script "LRT Sync Keyframes - Gradients only".
This covers all scenarios.