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Full Version: Fuji Workflow
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Hi Gunther. I'm well aware you do not support capture one. Bu as a workflow option how would this work. I am using a fuji xt3 so capture one is clearly a superior raw editor for me. So i wanted to do all my basic raw adjustment in capture one and then export to a separate timelapse catalgue in lightroom. As i have already completed my raw adjustments what would be a suitable file type to export from capture one to use in lightroom as it will only be minor exposure adjustments to combat flicker issues. Really appreciate your efforts man!!

I think i have stumbled onto a workflow involving DNG Exports but just wanted some thoughts from anyone else thats a little further down the road than me!!!
LRTimelapse requires raw files to fully unleash its potential. For example visual deflicker will only work on raw files.
The only option for you, if you really would like to use capture one, would be to export a tiff sequence from there and then convert that to dng in Lightroom. On this dng sequence you could then do the full workflow although it won't be raw anymore.

If you ask me, it's not worth the effort and I think all in all you will get better quality (because you have one less conversion step) and way faster processing if you do the regular workflow only with LRTimelapse and Lightroom.
Yeah thanks Gunther, Yeah i think i will keep my timelapse edits in lightroom and convert to DNG on import.
If you use the Lightroom / LRTimelapse workflow, it's not necessary to convert to dng. In fact processing will be faster if you stay with raw files.