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Full Version: HDR with Syrp Genie Mini and Nikon
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I see where to configure the shutter press duration for the Genie Mini in the Syrp app. but that isn't how Auto Bracketing on Nikon works.

I have to do multiple shutter releases depending on how many shots in the brackets.

Is there some other shutter actuation mode on Nikon that I should be using?

I know there is built-in HDR mode. I think I played with it once on my D750 and that also required multiple shutter presses and I wasn't too impressed with the resulting JPG -- then again, I'm don't like the HDR output on Lightroom Classic CC either.

Has anyone else used the Genie Mini to trigger HDR shots on Nikons?
I cant directly help because I don't work with the Genie, but my recommendation would be to not do HDR in combination with timelapse. It's a lot of hassle and will give you more disadvantages than benefits. Search for HDR here in the forum, we alerady discussed the reasons a couple of times.