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Full Version: How do I rearrange image files in a folder with Windows 10?
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Hi everyone,

I can't believe I have to ask this question, but here goes. I am making a time lapse of a comet using 477 images. Some images are for some reason out of order, though they all have time stamps, and I don't know how they got that way. It should be a simple enough matter to just drag and drop them into the proper order, but apparently with Windows 10 this is no longer possible. In their wisdom, Microsoft has apparently disabled that feature completely. So what are my options? Is there any way that LRTimelapse can sort them out? Because it didn't when I imported them, and I can't proceed any further until they are in the correct order.

Thanks Microsoft. And thanks for any advice from anyone who has dealt with this issue already.

LRTimelapse will by default sort by exif date (timestamp embedded in the images). Alternatively you can choose to sort by filename (icon on top left of the table). In tht case, the filenames must be in alphabetical order.
The same goes for Lightroom. Before exporting you need to set the right sort order on the Lightroom toolbar in the library.

Btw: this has nothing to do with windows.
If you need a custom sort order, you'd need to rename the images accordingly and then set the sort order to filename in both programs.
Thanks Gunther,
The problem is that the images have been calibrated in Pixinsight with darks, flats, and bias frames. So
I doubt if the original exif data is there anymore. And they are numbered, but the number is not the first item in the title of each frame. Renaming so many files is not practical, so I have shortened the time lapse to exclude the 100 frames that are out of place. I have since figured out that it was a particular file conversion tool in Pixinsight that put them out of order when it converted them to JPGs.
There are a couple of very good renaming tools out there which could help. But yes, LRT/LR of course need a certain order and that's either Exif (by default) or an alphabetical file naming.