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Full Version: Tablet or Phone for qDSLR dashboard control?
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Quick query - I can use qDSLR Dashboard on my phone, connected to my Canon camera via cable, or wirelessly. I'd like to do it without tying up my phone so I can use it while shooting time lapse, so I'd like a tablet or phone to do so - ideally second hand and chaeply from ebay or similar. I'd also like to use a wire if possible.

I'm watching some Nexus 7 as I see they are recommened by Gunther - but I am unfamiliar. Can they be attached with an OTG cable, or are they wireless only? Are there 2 different types, as some seem to say wireless only and others do not?

Other than a Nexus 7, are there any phones that people reliably use for cable connected use with qDLR dashboard? I know I need a phone that will host USB - some of the earlier Samsung Galaxy phones do this and are available on ebay for less than a new model, but I'd be happy to use something else - prefereably Android, as I am familiar.

The WiFi Nexus 7 (2013) works via Wifi. but at the end, nearly any Android Smartphone or Tablet with WiFi should work.
USB requires an OTG Adapter.
USB to work required an USB OTG adapter and that the Android device has the USB host function.
Both Nexus7 tablets have the USB host function. I have the older first Nexus7 that now shows that is aged.
So you should get the second generation.
I also have a nVidia Shield tablet that still works fine an fast. It has Android 7.0 from nVidia.
Ace, thank you. I'll keep an eye on ebay and see if I can get a second gen one. Thanks for the fast response.