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Full Version: LRTimelapse Pro Timer Free Version 0.93 / 3 new Feature
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Hello Gunther, hello people,
it has not happened to you before! you program a TL sequence with a certain number of shots. Shortly before the end of the sequence, the scene changes (interesting clouds ..) and you want to continue to run the TL. It has happened to me several times, which has now inspired me to create a way to change the No of shots in the current TL sequence.
For this I have in the screen for "Pause" and "Ramp Interval" another setting "No of shots inc" built. After calling the function, you can simply increase the No of shots without interrupting the TL sequence.
I have attached the software and a flowchart that explains the extension.
I would be very happy about a feedback!
Greetings Hans
That's a good idea! ;-)