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Full Version: Color shift - Non linear adjustments
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I experience quite severe color shifts after Lightroom adjustments. I think it is because I edit the images a bit hard. But Im nor sure. Its typically some frames here and there. And I don't see any "suspicious" changes/ values in the columns to the right in LRT. In this post
( ) gwegner mentions that one should use non linear adjustments modestly. Does anybody know what defines non linear adjustments? Is Calibration adjustments in Lightroom non linear?
Sometimes Lightroom does weird things. Same settings on two adjacent images look different.
You need to experiment with the edits. Mostly what can cause that is Dehaze, Blacks, Whites, Clarity. Use parametric tone curve instead, it's more linear. Unfortunately you never know when this really happens and why on certain images. But bottomline is: if you don't overdo the editing, you won't get those effects usually.
Thx for the quick reply. I must say I'm so happy with LR time-lapse. I´ts excellent! I tried to redo the time-lapse and not use non linear adjustments. I still get the same effects. Its 10-15 images of about 700.The red color shift always occur in the shadow areas. What is the easiest way to reedit just the affected images?
Sometimes it's also in the RAW files - some sensors are know for producing varying results in very dark areas.
But it's hard to say without seeing it. Maybe you could upload a sample somewhere or add some screenshots here.
Sometimes it helps just to darken the shadow areas then such artifacts get invisible.