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Full Version: LRTimelapse Pro-Timer Free - Charging ways
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Hey Guys,

I just wondering, if there is any way to charge and run LRTimelapse Pro-Timer Free with etc. power bank or other external chargers instead batteries mentioned in project.

If someone builded it this way or know how to do it, please let me know.

I noticed, that this Arduiono ( BTW the same as in the guide) has already build-in charger input. Why its not used for power supply?

Thank you very much for your help.

Arduinos can use a range of voltages and can be powered via the DC jack, USB or VIN. You could use a different source to power it but batteries are cheap, readily available, portable and provide a known, consistent voltage.
Hi Peter,
I only use Arduino boards with a mini USB socket in my Pro timers. This mini USB socket is only a replacement for the otherwise used USB Type B and has no charging function.
In my thread "LRT Pro Timer Hardware Extension Focus, 2nd Camera Port, ext. power supply "I presented a small PCB that I use which has an external power connector. So you can use the PT for example with a power bank and a USB to 12V converter. In my circuit, I internally use a 9V battery. As soon as the PT is powered via the power connection, the internal battery is switched off. This is especially necessary for long term TL as shown here:
Thank you guys,

Sorry for stupid questions, im a total noob when it comes to the building something with electricity.

So when i have board with mini usb port, can I charge it directly through Mini Usb port, lets say with power bank?

Thank you very much and thanks for you patience with me Smile

Hi Peter,
Yes, it works! Just mount the display on your Arduino UNO and connect it via USB to your PC or a power bank and you'll see it works!
Perfect, thanks a lot!

I was just curious, why every guide is based on battery power. I mean power bank is much better choice ,right?

Additional question. I'v bought also 9V battery, so it's possible to use it as back-up power source? I mean, in case power bank would go down, would it be switched automatically to battery power?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Peter,
Therefore, most PT will be powered by a battery because it gives you a compact device. Depending on the housing used, it is not always possible to power the UNO via USB.
Here you can see what my case looks like. Use Google Translater and translate the text
If you use a 9V battery you have to connect it to the DC plug. As long as the battery has a higher voltage than USB (5V), the battery is used for power supply. If this then less than 5V, the UNO is powered by USB. I always use a 9V battery and do it, with a load TL of over 20h. Only if I make TL for a very long time, e.g. here
then I provide the PT with a 12V battery.
Hi Sheeba,

Thanks a lot for you time and help.

I just uploaded your software 0.93/3 to my Arduino, everything seems ok, but i'm unable to use my down button for any settings.

Do you have any advice?

Thanks a lot.
I got i now Smile
.. then you have found the secret setting for the alternative display !!!
Have fun with the software. I would be glad about a feedback to the software in the forum.
Regards, Hans