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Full Version: Keyframes not working
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Hi there. For some reason whenever I click keyframes wizard, it only lets me add them manually. Ive done several day/night time lapses (av mode) and it doesn't add any keyframes where exposure changes. I am only allowed to pick how many and it spaces them evenly. How do I get this to work?
The keyframes wizard will only tag keyframes on the changes of ISO/Exp/Aperture if you shot in M mode.
If the Camera was in A-, S or P Mode, the KF-Wizard wont - that's because most cameras then do not create "steps" but rather do smooth changes and the Holy Grail Wizard would then overcompensate.
If you want to use the HG-Wizard on such sequences, currently you'll have to set the 2*/3* keyframes manually on the exposure changes.
I'll move this to feature requests - maybe I can add a "force HG-Keyframe creation" for cameras that make discrete steps in A-Mode.

In any case: I'd recommend to not shoot Holy Grail in A-Mode - see here for the reasons:
Thank you!