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Full Version: Video rendering issue in LRT5 pro verson
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Hi all,

I'm doing a project based on 3500 DNG images. I've gone through the whole visual workflow and exported as JPG images in lightroom. I ordered all images based on "capture time" and renamed them as "filename - sequense" in lighroom to get them nicely ordered when exporting.

Example of filenames:

The visual preview in LRTimelapse orders the the images in the correct order, so does aftereffects and windows file explorer. However, when I render video from LRTimelapse, the sequense is messed up. Every 10'th picture or so, is wrong. It seems only to be an issue with the LRTimelapse video render.

I think somehow the problem is related as discussed in other posts to the filenaming, because files are lexicographically sorted in LRTimelapse. I'm not that smart of a guy apparently, so I'm not sure what exactly i'm doing wrong. Maybe I don't understand the file sorting mechanism.

Can somone help?
If you use the LRTExport plugin in Lightroom, it will automatically name the files in an order that LRTimelapse will render correctly.
The names have to be:
Mind the leading zeros.

won't work.
Actually at the moment I have a wierd bug, that the exporter dosn't work, but thats for another post. I didn't try to fix it yet because i like using aftereffects. That's a another post.

Lightroom can't rename the files like this. Leading zeros are not an option.

Do you know of other good external programs that are able to handle file renaming?
Of course Lightroom can do that easily. Please double check.
Also there is no reason not to be using the LRTExport Plugin, even if you render with after effects. Just check "Skip rendering in LRT" and feed the exported intermediary sequence to AE.
I double checked. I didn't realize I could hit "edit" and make my own naming preset. Thank you!