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hello, I do not know if I'm in the right place to post. I used Lrtimelapse in qDlsrdasboard for a sunset. Limit settings were 3.2s in exp, 4.5 in aperture, and 400 iso.
Start parameters: 1 / 320s, f14 and 200 iso. The speed went down to 1 / 3s, then did not change even though the exposure was -2.68 EV.
Is this normal?
Did the previews from the camera get transmitted? I cannot see any preview on your screenshot.
I'll move this thread to the qDDB board.
Yes the preview was transmitted, but the screenshots were done after, the camera was disconnected.
do you have the link for qDDB board so that I follow it? Thanks
This is the qDDB Board :-) You can subscribe to the board on the top right when in the board overview.

I'd suggest you do some more tests with your configuration (just a test setup, not a really "holy grail") - see how long it takes to transfer the images, try different dark-times and see how short they can get etc.

And if you want help here, you definitely should provide more information about your setup: camera, connection type, smart device etc...
Ok thanks. I am going to tests. My connection is in usb with an external intervalometer, a CANON 100D gun and a Huawei p7 lite. The interval between 2 photos is 5s.