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Full Version: Light pollution filter
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I'll write this in English to get bigger audience.
Did anyone of you use an light pollution filter for your night lapses?
Iam usually working with the NiSi system because the 150mm filters work with my Nikon 14 - 24 mm.
They also have a light pollution filter in their portfolio.
I couldn't find much online about it. Only the NiSi marketing stuff.

Any advices or help would be highly appreciated.

Short and sweet: forget those filters. Save the money, buy something useful.

I've tested them, and compared the results with unfiltered images that I've took right after. The filter has two effects:
1.) Color shift
2.) 2/3 Stops light loss.
The Whitebalance of the filtered and unfiltered images are qickly matched in Lightroom, which also makes the "Anti-light-pollution-effekt" disappear.
The 2/3 stops loss of course increases the noise in the image.
So after all, with the filter you will get noisier images than without. The "filter" effect is just a color shift which you can easily achieve in a better way with the WB tool in Lightroom, because you can use that locally also.
Thank you very much for that answer.
I was just about to order one.
So that answer just saved me some money Smile