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Full Version: Slider Options - 5d Mrk III - Qdslr - Hoy Grail
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Hi All,

Firstly, a big thank you to Gunther and the LRTimelapse team along with those at QDSLR. This combination with my 5d mrk III has revolutionised my time-lapses making them professional quality and even earning me a few commissions.

I am now looking to to make a step forward by adding some movement with the help of a slider, preferably a 3 axis - Pan, tilt and slide movement.

My issue is that my 5d mrkIII does not have wifi (I am aware its an addition I can make) and I use the USB port on the camera to trigger and monitor the reference images. So adding a slider which would trigger the camera through USB would remove my capabilities to monitor it through QDSLR time-lapse and control the exposure using the Auto Holy Grail Method.

I am at a loss as a work around for this. I would not like to upgrade my camera as I am quite emotionally attached to it (silly I know, but true) and there are financially obstacles at play.

Has anyone any experience with making this work? Any advice is much appreciate.

Nearly all of the motion control devices that I know trigger the camera via the analog remote port, the very same that a regular intervalometer uses. Therefore it's no problem at all to combine this with qDslrDashboard/USB.
Ahh, Marvellous! Thank you for very simply answering my long winded question. I will now search for one which will meet my needs.
Any advice for a basic slide and pan function which triggers the camera via analogue remote? I was looking at edelkrone, but I believe they use the USB to trigger.
Check out pocket slider, rhino, emotimo, dynamic perception, they all release via 2.5mm TRS analog release-cable.
Hi Richard, I use the MKIII together with qDSLRDashboard and a dynamiv perception slider. As Gunter already said, triggering is done via the analog port (in my case the NMX controller for the Dynamic Perception Slider) while the rest ("holy grail") is done by qDSLRD. And this combinatione works very well.
nope, edelkrone does not use usb. check out