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Full Version: Alternative Firmware: LRTimelapse Pro Timer Free TLC Edition + Manual
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Hello Gunther, hello people,
Here is a little update of my PT firmware. In the previous version, the #define sensor option always got the warning from the compiler:
"Low memory available, stability issues may occur."
Although that had no effect, but after I got the same warning on another project and then it actually came to problems with less than 350 bytes of available memory, I was looking for a solution to optimize the memory. I found a solution and then integrated it into my pro-timer version. The change does not affect the function!
Version 1.11 is attached !!
Best regards, Hans

Hello Gunther, hello people,

After intensive testing of version 1.03B and a few small changes, I have generated version 1.10 as a final version. Final, because all my requirements for a timelapse controller are integrated in this version and all requests and suggestions from other users have been taken into account.

I would like to collect further wishes and suggestions in order to create another version if necessary.

The firmware and the detailed manual are attached.

I would be happy about feedbacks.

I wish you great timelapse videos and have fun with this version!

Best Regards,

Thank you Hans, for your ongoing work on improving the Firmware!
I think you are taking giant steps in this project!
Well done, well thought out, and well documented.
Some questions:
You use a BC547, and its associated resistance should be ... 1K?

Right now my ProTimer has two outputs:
1 without the second transistor, only for the shot.
2 without any transistor, connected to the SDA, SDC ports of an arduino one.

I do not think I can use your new software, but I will try to start off with a full set of two outputs.

This reminds me of a famous Spanish project called Photoduino, which, if you do not know it, will interest you:
I built a photoduino, originally created for high-speed photography, with lots of sensors, but I think it has everything necessary to accommodate the logical part of the intervalometer that is being designed here.

Long live the DIY!
Hi Hans,
Today I found time to update the several LRT PTFs that I have built which had v1.03 B software to v1.13.
I see that decoupling has disappeared.
One problem that I have noticed is that the delay time is faulty as it will not display beyond 09:06:07 when the time gets corrupted. Apart from that it appears ok.
No problems with the LRT PTMax1.3 so far . Soon I will connect it to my TLSMC and see how it works.