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Full Version: Suggested upgrades for better performance?
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Hi all,

I have a decently powerful PC that I'd like some advice on... Specifically, if there are one or two upgrades I could make that would improve performance for intermediate and final export. Here are the specs:

Windows 10 Pro 64bit
i7-7700 @4.2GHz
GTX 1070 GPU
System/Apps on SSD
Raw files/exports on 7200RPM HDs

Feel free to ask any questions about the machine, I may have skipped something important. Thanks!
Since you posted in the LRT4 board, the first thing I'd suggest is to Upgrade to LRT5, it's much faster and makes better use of multithreading.
More processors/threads help. A fast SSD for the timelapses also help. So basically the easiest performance boost you can do is to upgrade and buy a second SSD for your RAW files / Exports.
You have quite a decent computer there actually. The prosessor is fast, which is crucial. But like Gunther says, using a SSD for the exporting will boost your workflow a lot. I will suggest an 256 gb ssd which you have the files your working on. After the timelapse is exported, and edited if needed (stabilization etc.), move it to an HDD. Same workflow when editing the videos in e.g Premiere pro.

What MHz does the RAM have?
This is the setup that I currently work with (from my German Blog via Google Translate):
That was an brilliant article!
Just realized I never responded to this. Thanks for your input, all! I found an SSD I wasn't using and installed it as a temporary processing drive, it's definitely improved rendering time. Next upgrades are obviously LRT5, and hopefully this summer a faster processor. I'm leaning toward an i9-9900k if I can find a good price.

Thanks again!