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Full Version: Do I need image review/histogram?
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I tried my first manual exposure ramp yesterday evening, using a Panasonic GH5. Being mirrorless the monitor gives me continual exposure feedback, even with image review (and therefore histogram of taken shot) turned off. I just waited for the bar to drop a third of a stop and dialed a third in again. It worked well. And with being no image review I presumably can push the shutter speed closer to the interval before causing a clash.
My question - is there any advantage with mirrorless cameras to having image review ON for holy grail work? Thanks
I should rephrase the question - not so much "holy grail" as a shorter ramp through sunset into twilight
The "live histogram" on mirrorless camera is based on a simulation of the current brightness and will differ the more from the actually caputred image, the longer the exposures get. The Liveview can only "capture" with 1/60s of a second - the camera will then extrapolate to the real exposure time. In dark situation, 1/60th of a second is not enough to evaluate the brightness.
That means for real day to night shots where you go until darkness, you shouldn't rely on the live histogram. Monitoring the histogram on the image review is much better.
Thanks for your reply Gunther. You are the Gerald Undone of time lapse photography!
Pity about having to see the histogram of the taken shot. I guess I can only experiment.
One positive - it brings my Canon dslrs back to the table.