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Full Version: ND filter X pattern issue
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Hi there! Hi, Gwegner, thanks for your job and patience!

Now I'm testing your software, it's great, but there are some questions regarding it. And the most issue is making smooth transitions from day to night. Look at these 2 pictures, please:

Better to download them and compare side by side. There is a small flicker between. Those are 2 already processed frames nearby, made by Holy Grail technique. At the top of the 1-st picture is visible part of X-pattern cheap ND filter, also known as X bar. And is slightly visible at all pictures before that point. That was my fault, I didn't control well this moment, so the result as is. Next picture is already without this visible part of X bar, I moved slightly the ring of the filter, but the whole picture changed, too.

Well, I tried all those techniques from your FAQ, but no luck... All transitions before and after this point are already very smooth, except this one. Because I moved the ring very hard at that moment and as a result, the flicker seems irremovable... In fact, it's already not flicker, its another picture. So the whole clip is unusable.

Well, my question is: maybe the combinations of gradients and brushes can help? Is it possible to make 2 keyframes before and after this point and made all necessary changes, then put them to LRTimelapse again and apply Auto Transition? But it seems that changes in gradients and brushes are related to other changes, such as exposure and so on...

What would be your advice? Thank you.
Hi, yes it's a contrast / content change due to the filter change. That's hard to correct.
You can try to set a keyframe on each of those images and then work on them with a radial gradient for example. If you get them to look the same in Lightroom, LRTimelapse will smoothen out the transitions between the changed filter and the beginning/end of the sequence.
Thank you very much, master!