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Full Version: Nikon MC-36 Intervalometer
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Has anyone hacked the Nikon MC-36 to stop the auto focusing? If you have can you please show how it was done. My current setup is the D850 for Timelapse and Iphone x with the Controlmycamera .I just got the Z 6 and want to start using it but what can be used as the external intervalometer for the Z6??
for the hack look in this blog post by Gunther. Maybe that will help you.
For both cameras you can also use the LRT Pro Timer2.5. For that you do not need a modified cable.

Many Greetings
Thanks Ralph, But the info is in German. I thinking about the Pro timer but I can not get it shipped outside of germanySad Sad
Have you seen the alternative way to have the timer shipped outside Germany:
Here is the link to the modification of the timer in English:
Best regards
Thank you for your information.
Just a note to be careful when using hacked cables with mirrorless cameras. Those cameras tend to go in standby after some seconds and with a hacked cable they cannot be woken up fast enough when that happens.
That's why the LRT Pro timer has a special treatment for those cameras and will make sure to wake them up before the next release happens, it that's necessary.
With short intervals (shorter than the sleep time of the camera) a hacked cable should however work.
Thanks Gunter, I tried to order the LRT pro but they do not ship to Canada. So I'm , stuck....

Cheers Frank
Hi Frank, did you try ordering via
Hi Gunter, Thanks for all your hard work with LR timelapse. Gunter I have a friend in Berlin who I will ask to buy the LRT Pro Timer for me from the amazon store. I will give the link to the Pro timer. Can you please give me the links to the cables I would need for the D850 and the Z6. When I look its not clear which ones I need. I have to be very specific as she is not a photographer and doe not understand the terms.

Thanks so much.

Hi Frank

Please check out this link:

There you find this for the D850: PHOLSY 2,5mm N8 Fernauslöser-Adapterkabel für Nikon Fujifilm Kodak Kameras wie Nikon Kabelfernauslöser MC-30A (Kabel)

And this for Z6: PHOLSY 2,5mm Klinke Kabelauslöser Drahtauslöser Fernauslöser N10/DC2 Kamera Verbindungskabel Auslöserkabel für Nikon Kameras MC-DC2

I am sure you would find them on or any store in Canada as well.

Best regards
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