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Full Version: Cheap Tablet for qDslrDashboard.. Or else?
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Ok, my situation: I wasn't shooting Timelapse for a while, but wanted to start again. So I packed my stuff, bought the latest version of LRTimelapse, and went into Vacation on Sardinia. Arrived here I realized that my Tablet running qDslrDashboard was bootlooping. Instead of fixing it, I completely brricked my Amazon Fire 7" 5th Gen. Bummer!

So I was thinking about getting a new Tablet and install qDslrDashboard on it, but I wonder, as I paused for a while, are there easier tools out there supporting me shooting Timelapse?

I still got the modded external timer Gunter had in his blog a while ago and for this Holiday that should be OK.

Is qDslrDashboard still the "best" tool for holy grale shootings?

Sorry wasn't following this forum for a while too. Any guidance is much appreciated

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In my opinion qDslrDashboard ist the best tool. Does the best job, is easy, cheap and reliable.
Thanks G√ľnter, so I need to find another cheap Tablet then Smile

Any suggestions from anyone?

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