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Full Version: Amount of Pictures and what to do with them?
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Hi everyone,

Usually I shoot the most of my Photos during vacation time. Most of the time I shoot either Timelapse or Panorama Pictures, where Timelapse usually take the most space on my machine.

So I wonder how many shoots per Timelapse everyone is in average doing and what you do with the RAWs after you got your Video?

Most of my Timelapse shoots are around 2500 - 3500 pictures. Which is quite a lot of disc space. Are that too many photos per Timelapse?

Interressted to get your views.

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The question is, why whould you do so many images per timelapse. For static scenes it's way too much - 3000 images are 100 seconds playtime with 30fps. No one (apart from you maybe) wants to watch such long sequences. If you cut them into a film, each clip will normally not be longer than 10 -15 seconds, otherwise the viewers will get bored.
So try doing shorter sequences (400-600 images are normally enough).
Exceptions are situations where you don't know what's going to happen or you need to cover a long time like from sunset until milkyway or when shooting the whole night, then you'd usually do more shots - and then later choose certain parts of the clip or speed it up.
In any case: I always keep my raw files. Harddrive space is getting cheaper and cheaper and in the future you might be happy to still have the originals because editing techniques get better and better etc.
Thanks for feedback. I guess you are right. The sequences I shot are quite long and most people will get bored.

Will experiment with shorter sequences when I shoot next.

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