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Full Version: about Reference
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Hi gwegner, in the webpage , you said:
Perfect daylight to milky way transition with qDslrDashboard and LRTimelapse: (the bigger steps indicate where I manually decreased the reference)
But could you please indicate where in the picture is the "bigger steps"?
Thank you!
I'll try to answer your question.
The yellow zigzag line shows the course of the exposures. Where qDDB has readjusted, LRT Timelapse has set a 2* or 3* keyframe. (Holy-Grail-Wizard) In three places, after the blue line has crossed the yellow one and runs under the blue one, you can see three bigger jumps in the yellow one. (Red circle)
Gunther intervened manually at these points.
Yes, there are 3 larger steps in the blue curve, that's where I decreased the "reference" value in qDslrDashboard in order to let the sequence get a bit darker.
With the latest versions of qDDB / ControlMyCamera you can use the GPS-based "Auto NTC" feature, which will automatically ramp the reference value, so that you don't need to do it manually anymore.
Check out my tutorial to learn about all of this: