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Full Version: QDSLR and LRT Pro timer
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When I start my time lapse sequence with QDSLR connected to my camera alonf with the LRT Pro timer. Does my phone or Ipad running the QDSLR have to be connected through the whole time lapse sequence?? or can it be turn off?
Depends on what kind of time lapse you want to do. The camera is triggered by the Pro Timer. You don't need qDDB for that. But if you want to make exposure adjustments with qDDB (Holy Grail) during the time lapse, the device running qDDB should be connected to the camera. After the adjustments you can disconnect the connection.

Regards, Ralph
So its OK to disconnect. Then a little later re connect to check the settings with out any problems? Does the device catch up at that point ?
Yes, it should. But I wouldn't recommend doing this on a regular basis. It's more a fallback option.
But as always I recommend that you try such things on a controlled environment before going out do do a regular shooting.
To clarify: why auto holy grail is running, the tablet or phone with qDDB should be on and not go in standby. The safes is to have the "Keep Screen On" option selected and leave the screen on.
If you discounnect the Wifi during the shooting, the camera also will turn off wifi and it's often hard or impossible to turn the camera wifi back on while shooting, at least you will have to touch the camera for this and might also loose one or more shots while the camera launches the wifi.
Thanks for the the clarification Gunter. I have started to practice at home with LRT pro timer and Qdslr still working on the Ramping side of things.