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Full Version: Changing length of end video time?
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I have a timelapse that I feel is too long, what is the best way to shorten? Accelerating to 300% in Premiere gets it a little jittery. Is it better to start deleting frames? Is there another way?

Mostly i use only every second or third frame. Sometimes I average them before I reducing them.
You could also render the video with 60fps and export them with Premiere to 30fps. But always use fixed ratio. Never go from 50 to 30fps.
Thanks, will try that. Manually deleting frames seems like a long way to go about it...
Thanks again!
Quote:Manually deleting frames seems like a long way to go about it.
I never delete, I just move to a sub folder. I use a script for this.

Easy delete for every second picture:
Delete *0.jpg
Delete *2.jpg
Delete *4.jpg
Delete *6.jpg
Delete *8.jpg
You can use the "select every nth frame" in the edit menu in Lrtimelapse. Then "new folder from selection" to easily remove every 2nd, 3rd etc image.
Is it possible, to make first the motion blure and then "select every nth frame"?
OMG, genius!! Thanks!!
@c_joerg: no, because Motion Blur is being applied while rendering. And "select every nth" is being applied on the raw files.