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Full Version: Hyperlapse render quality
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Hi all. I'm starting out with hyperlapse. Below is a link to my first effort, a simple sequence of 70 or so jpg's rendered using Adobe Permiere CC 2019. The quality is quite pixelated with little sharpness, and it looks much better in Premiere's preview. How can I improve it ? Should I use a different codec?
Any help is greatly appreciated!
That's way too fast. Video codecs will compress by saving the differences to the next images. If the changes are so big, the codec will need a lot of bandwith, that means you would need to increase the bitrate very much in order to not get artifacts.
Normally, such fast movements never happen, since noone would like to watch a video like that. Make much smaller steps and shorter intervals and try to get a smooth video - that will then also compress fine. Normally in Premiere Mp4/h.264, 2Pass, 20/30MBps would be a good setting.