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Full Version: Change output file path in Render dialog
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I would find it beneficial to choose (per render) the Output File path for a Task. As it stands today, it is at a location relative to the Task to be rendered. For my workflow, I store my intermediary files in a different location (local ssd) than I store my rendered video (attached ssd).

I did see a post asking this exact question 4 years ago, to which I understand the response (and the post appeared locked), but I also have the same request.

Please reconsider.
Hi Brian, yes, I'll reconsider but I still see great advantages in the way that LRTimelapse handles the file management because this way it always creates the same order and it saves you from having to search for files, intermediary sequences etc. Also it saves you from having to deal with choosing a file location every time you are going to export or render a sequence. We'll leave it here in the feature requests for now.
Just to be clear, I'm perfectly agreeable that a default value should exist and know that I can manually type in the changed output value, but would like the UI interface clicking through directory hierarchies to reach my intended location.
I love this toolset and am so happy that it exists. Thank you.
Thank you! ;-)
Where would you like to define that custom output path for the video - in LRTExport (Lightroom) or in the LRT-Render Dialog?