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Full Version: "Minimal keyframes count" option and selection "Number of keyframes" from keyboard
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I always use at least 3 keyframes for every sequence («start, middle, end»), but Keyframes Wizard sometimes applies only 1 or 2 keyframes. Could you add option of «Minimal Keyframes count»?

When I press «Keyframes Wizard» button, «Number of Keyframes» bar is very small, sometimes if is difficult to select correct number using the touchpad of the laptop. Maybe, it will be possible to add some buttons under the bar with numbers from 1 to 10? And, maybe, hotkeys Cmd+1 — Cmd+9, adding keyframes with their help will be easier.

By the way, there is pop-up window for keyframes appears on Cmd+K, but arrow keys are not working to modify the number of keyframes, because when window appears, setting bar is "not in focus". And maybe you add keyframes 0 to 9 either to that window for fast keyframes changing?

Thanks a lot!