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Full Version: Randomly shifting colors (white balance) despite the WB showing as the same
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So in the middle of my timelapse, whereby the WB on every photo is the same (5800 temp, +12 tint), the colors on my files switches to seemingly a completely different white balance at a random point.

To show what I mean, here are the two photos, and the two files are back to back shot seconds apart:

I shot the entire scene in a fixed WB on the camera (set the WB mode to "cloudy").

I've uploaded screenshots here:
As you can see, everything to the left of DSC4265 has a particular white balance, but everything to the right of 4266 has a completely different appearance. If you note on the Color section, the WB is exactly the same. Can anyone explain this behavior? It's driving me nuts when trying to process a timelapse that randomly changes WB in the middle. It's been happening on most of the timelapses I've rendered to date. And the original raw files look identical to each other, so something is happening in post processing to introduce color changes.
You've done very strong editing. Lightroom is known for doing such things then. Especially if you use tools like Dehaze. Better don't use them or to very little extent. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do about it, other than editing less and/or using other tools.
Is it just dehaze that triggers this? What other tools are responsible?
The non-linear-acting tools in Lightroom (to more or less extent) are: Dehaze, Clarity, Whites, Blacks.
You can use them, but always carefully. Try using the parametric tonecurce instead to get the contrast done and add only a bit of those tools.
Please note that this won't effect all sequences, mostly those, where you are pushing the contrasts and exposure a lot anyway. Then Lightroom reacts very sensitive to changes in the image context.