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Full Version: Spot healing after in lightroom-
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Hello all!

I imported about 2300 photos into lightroom after a few hours in stormy farm areas- I had an INCREDIBLE amount of sensor dust as I had to change lenses. I use a sony a7iii so dust on mirrors seems to happen easier for me.

I cleaned up an image and synced it to all photos, did another image repeated this process for every segment or transitions of angle/camera setting change etc.

now some photos are not usable in the time lapse (where i took a separate still shot (only have one camera))

Now my real question is should i export all the files after they have been cleaned-to a new folder and then use those to start the timelapse workflow thru LRT5?

if so what should i export them as (tiff dng jpeg etc)

I have a windows computer and cannot see raw images so i cannot even take the useless photos out of the current folder- sighs.

Thank you for your time and patience!
Normally I recommend doing the LRTimelapse / Lightroom edits first, then export via LRTExport and do the cloning/healing on the exported JPG/TIFF sequence, for example in after effects or photoshop or whatever. Then you export a processed sequence from there and can still render it with LRTimelapse.

Now in your case, where you did the cloning / healing I'd recommend to save the metadata in Lightroom and make a copy of those XMP files, to not loose your edits.

Then try doing the regular LRTimelapse workflow - only when doing the auto transition hold the Shift-Key - this will leave your cloing/stamping alone.

Should that go wrong, you can always go back, if you copy your backuped XMPs back into the folder and do "read metadata from files" in Lightroom.
Thank you for the advice- I shall try this tonight/tomorrow and see how it goes!
Being that windows doesn't seem to have a raw image viewer, I had to take some time to removes a few hundred photos or so that were not apart of the time lapses I took. (in hind sight I should have switched memory cards all together)

Now that I have relocated those files to another location- I turned on LRT5 and went to my original file for time lapse- got the key frames selected, and now when i try to import to lightroom via library screen- the import button is "grayed out"- or un-selectable) Would this be because of the files already being imported before? or could it be because that particular hard drive is close to being full? I just ordered another one.

You need to remove the old (orphaned) sequence from lightroom first, otherwise it will be detected as duplicate.