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Full Version: What are the image file formats that lrtimelapse can import?
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My workflow is revolves around ptgui and after effects and I would like to know what are the file formats that lrtimelapse can import

raw, dng, jpg and…?

Nearly all Raw formats, DNG and JPG.
I'd recommend to do all LRTimelapse editing on Raw-File basis, then export as TIFF sequence and do any other edits which you would like to do in After Effects for example on those TIFF sequences.
Thanks, but it seems that it isn't able to import TIFF, (even if it can export it), any reason why, or any way I can import tiff 16bits or PSD files generated by ptgui?
It's the only two formats that ptgui can export at 16 bits.

This to avoid converting those 16bit files to DNG format

No, it doesn't support tiff directly. But you can convert those tiff files to DNG in Lightroom, and then use the DNG sequence in LRT.