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Full Version: LRT Not Recognizing DNG Converter
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Surface Book 2, Windows 10 Pro, Lr Classic CC 8.4, LRT 4.8.3, DNG Converter

DNG Converter is installed. When I launch LRT, I get a message box indicating the converter isn't installed. I've restarted LRT, restarted Lr, rebooted the computer. Still LRT doesn't recognize that DNG Converter is installed.

First time using LRT on this laptop. Is there something I'm missing?

LRT4 is out of support and might or might not work on newer os versions.
You won't get such issues with the latest LRT 5. You might consider upgrading.
There is still a discounted upgrade option available in my shop.

To fix this, you might try to change the path to dng converter setting in settings/external programs. Also search the forum, we'll already covered this a couple of times.
It was the program path. The field was empty. When I filled it in manually, it's fine. Thank you.

I will upgrade, I just wanted to get things working on this new computer and try out an edit beforehand.

The GUI scaling is a nice feature, too. Helps a lot on a 4k screen.