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Full Version: ATMÓS - a storm timelapse video
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I'd like to share with you all a new timelapse video i produced, with some images i recorded this last May/June in Tornado Alley.
Hope you enjoy!
Beautiful work! What was your interval? Good sequences and great music selection with good timing of the beat in the editing.
Thank you very much!
Most of the sequences were 1 second interval.. maybe one or another has a 2 second interval.
It was only 10 days in the USA, so i used what i got! Thank you again! Wink
it is really great...
EPIC!!!, it makes you feel so humble in front of the power of nature.
I thought, I saw enough cloud-timelapses.
But this is amazing. Great stuff.
Thanks a lot.
Thank you all for the kind comments!
Wonderful, a really beautiful work, congrats !
Thank you very much!
Amazing work. In some sequences I missed a bit ground or foreground, but overall I was just impressed
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