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Full Version: 5.3 worked fine on the first TL and now there are multiple issues
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Issue 1: Somehow my sequence is going from flicker free before running through LRTimelapse 5.3 to 1/2 the sequence flickering so much it's unusable. I've redone the sequence 3 times (resetting Metadata first) and the last half has flicker no matter what.

I tried using image tags and that didn't work so I guess photos aren't an option? The following are links to:

Settings in Lightroom

Note the flicker in the magenta line 1/2 way through the sequence. Deflicker doesn't affect it

Here's a closeup of the visual luminance reading for one of many files that have the spike

And the same reading after clearing the Metadata and starting over

Issue 2: I've exported two timelapse videos prior to getting this error when I try to export. Note- there's nothing in Unused. The folder that is selected is the folder with the images in it

Export Settings

Any ideas?
The edited images look black to me (visual previews black). Why is that?
The error message tells you that you have additional subfolders in the folder that you are trying to export.
Any timelapse folder needs to be a child folder without any subfolders.
They aren't black but it was a moonless night at about 2:00 am. Milky Way rising over a Carousel Mountain in Big Bend NP

There is a subfolder. Unfortunately I added it just before I started editing. I copied the files to their own folder, no subfolder, and it exported

I exported the files without editing them and there was no flicker. I didn't keyframe or use any other LRT function other than remove the metadata
So everything is fine now or do you still have any problems? If so please explain concisely what's going on.
If after editing you experience flicker that you didn't before, this might be because auf editing with non linear tools in Lightroom. This can introduce contrast flicker which you won't be able to remove.
In that case avoid dehaze, clarity, whites and blacks, use the tone curve instead for contrast adjustments.
By whites and blacks are you talking about the settings here (in the Tone group which includes Exposure, Contrast, etc):

I think that must be it. It seems odd that only affected 10-12 of 420+ images. But it did.
Yes, that's a known problem with Lightroom. We alr ady discussed this many times here... Just search for "dehaze".
I've since gone back to LRTimelapse, reset the edits for a few sequences, and the edited them with a little more finesse (less is more approach). 5.3 is a joy to use when I use it correctly Smile Thanks for your time Guenther