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Full Version: LRT3 Addons not appearing in Lightroom
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Note: This explanation is for LRTimelapse 3! From LRTimelapse 4 on, the Addons are being installed automatically. If you still can't see them, please follow the advices here:

On Windows: The LRTExport Plugin for Lightroom along with the special filters and templates will be installed automatically when you install LRTimelapse.

On Mac: they will be installed, when you install the LRTimelapse Addons. You might have to right click on the installer and select "open" and then agree to the dialog in order to bypass the Mac Gate Keeper.

If the LRT presets are not displayed in the drop down menu down on the right where you can select flags & ratings etc (under the Thumbnail slider bar) or the Export Preset does not appear in the Library export, you should do the following to make them appear.

Select 'Lightroom' in the task bar and then select 'Preferences'. In the Presets Tab half way down there is a location field. Untick the 'Store presets with this catalog' box.

[Image: LR-presets.png]

On Mac: make sure that you have installed the LRTimelapse Addons.
You will find them on the left side after opening the DMG file with the LRTimelapse Installer.
Hi there

Having "store presets with this catalogue" NOT checked, does not fix the problem with my system not displaying the Lightroom add-ons.

Can you help?
Check you temp folder the installation places the files there, before copying them to the (mostly) appropriate location.
Then open the Lightroom Presets folder from Lightroom/Settings/Presets/Show preset folder
Copy directories from the temp/LRTExport directory there.

Checkout this thread, another user had the same problem and could solve it that way! Obviously on some systems the LRTimelapse user directories are not in the standard location on mac!
My bad! I couldn't find where to download them from, but found a link to the download in another time lapse book.

All installed and working. Thank you for your quick response.

I am having trouble installing the add-ons in lightroom 4.
When I try to export there is nothing in the Presets Bar.
And I dont know how to install them manually?
I cannot find the add-ons anywhere.?
I bought the licence to use this Application and cannot get anything working?
Please Help?
Are you on mac or pc?
On PC there is not need to install addons.
On Mac you find them on the left side, after opening the DMG you downloaded. On some systems there seem to be no icon, but the Addons installer is there!
After going through all the relevant threads, I still can't find the answer to the Problem this thread is related to.
I use Win 7 64Bit and LR4.4 64Bit.
When I log on using the Administrator account, everything is o.K., but as a normal user the LRT3-Addons don't appear in LR.
How can I get them there?
Thanks, Kukro
Maybe you should then install LRTimelapse again with the other account where you currently don't see the plugin.
(2014-01-31, 23:29)gwegner Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe you should then install LRTimelapse again with the other account where you currently don't see the plugin.
I had first installed LRTimelapse from this normal user account, the addons did not show up. Then I deinstalled it and reinstalled it from the admin-account. Now the addons appeared in the admin account, but still did not in the user accout.
Go to Edit/Preferences/Presets/Show Lightroom Presets Folder

An Explorer opens. Double Click on the selected Lightroom Folder.

As you can see, all the lightroom addons are stored inside your user folder. So you have to install the addons including LRTimelase for each user, or you copy them manually to each user's preset folder.

The Addons are in:
/Filter Presets/LRTimelapse
/Export Presets/LRTimelapse
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