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Full Version: dslrdashboard many items missing - Nexus 7v2, Android 4.3 not rooted, Canon 60D, OTG
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dslrdashboard (9/9/13), Nexus 7 (2013), Android 4.3 not rooted, Canon 60D, OTG

Love the videos and I am very excited about going to Lofoten for the Northern Lights

However, after reading the dslrdashboard menu there are many items missing -

(3) Exposure delay (6) Shooting mode selector. This button is enabled only when the camera is in the Host mode. (7) Toggle camera mode. In the Default mode, you can use the camera’s controls, including the mode dial, shutter button, menus, etc. In the Host mode, DSLR Dashboard assumes full control over the camera. (21) Exposure metering mode (22) Focus metering mode (28) Focal length indicator (29) Toggle full screen mode
(30) Focus mode (31) Shooting operation mode (Single, Continuous, etc.) (32) Number of continuous shooting frames (used in the Continuous Shooting mode)
(36) Active D-Lighting mode (37) Internal flash mode (38) Internal flash exposure compensation

Kind regards,

Sorry for late answer, my bad

Those are Nikon only properties, Canon does not have them.