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Full Version: Iphone/Ipad alternative?
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Hi there,

Great looking app and from the tut - just what's needed. Any decent alternative for iphone/ipad device?

Been looking around and so far found eos app but battling to find any alternatives.

Are there any plans to develop an IOS version of the app?
I have Cam-ranger. This works on IOS but will not change settings unless the intervalometer is stopped. This isn't optimal, but it works. DSLRDashboard will do that, but requires an android device. It is potentially a GREAT app, but has its issues. I have a canon 7d and I'm still unable to get it to work with DSLRD. I was just able to get my canon 6d to work today. There is a great tutorial by SawO on setting up the TPLink router, and lots of info on this board and on DSLRD's website. The app seems to work better with Nikon, I believe it has to do with image processing among other things.
Good luck!
Thanks for the helpful feedback Dave.
Not as capable as DSLRDashboard but EOS Remote app by Canon seems to serve the purpose with my 6D and 70D! Both cameras have built in Wi-Fi and all the important settings can be controlled via i-devices.
The upcoming cross platform version is portable to osx/ios. The only problem is that I don't own any Apple devices (for me they are overpriced) and right now I don't have money to invest into any Apple devices.

Maybe I will try to setup IATKOS on my notebook but right now don't have time for it.