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Full Version: Display JPG for next capture Issue + possible solution
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Sorry for the long post but hopefully this will help someone so I wanted to include as much detail as possible.

Ok so I've just started playing around with DSLRDashboard and was having problems getting my camera to consistently display the jpeg when requested. As this is the most essential part of LRTimelapse on DSLRDashboard I was initially very disappointed. However after lots of trouble shooting I think I've figured out what I'm doing wrong and how I can get it to work correctly, consistently. I'm posting this in case anyone else is having a similar problem and is pulling their hair out trying to figure out what is going wrong and in case it's an actual bug that could be fixed in a later release.

I'm using a Canon 60D with TP-link router and a Galaxy S3 phone. Photos are being triggered by the apps intervalometer.

So this is what I've found. Whether the app will display the next jpeg or not is very dependent on when you actually tick the check box. If you tick the check box when the shutter is open the image will not display. Furthermore you will not be able to get any more images to display unless you manually adjust the settings on the camera.

The problem as I believe is that when you tick the box the app sends a command to the camera to switch to RAW+L jpeg. However the camera is busy so does not update the internal settings. The app shows the camera in RAW+L but when I looked at the actual camera settings it was still showing a RAW only.

Now for my solution...
This may seem obvious but if I tick the box inbetween shots when the shutter is closed it works as expected every time. i.e. sets camera to RAW+L, takes photos, downloads JPG, sets the camera back to RAW only and continues on shooting.

So what do you do if you've been shooting for hours and you accidentally request a jpeg when the shutter is big problem (once you can get to your camera and have a few seconds between shoots). If you go into the camera settings and change the file to RAW+L quickly between shoots it will display the next jpeg and set it back to RAW when done.

That's it hope this helps someone. I'd love to hear if anyone else has encountered the same problem.
Hi, thank you for clarifying.
This should not happen if you use Auto-Holy Grail where the camera automatically requests a jpg every 1, 2 or 3 shots depending on the setting.
Especially the canons are really picky in terms of timing and just discard commands from DDB when they are busy.
Thanks for that - that may explain why I'm having a few issues with DSLRdashboard locking up on jpg display on Canon 650D too... Will try the auto-holy grail next time!
Hey guys,

I'm quite new to the timelapse adventure, but very thrilled to take my first steps! I just purchased my first external intervalometer and USB/OTG cable to hook up my Nikon D5000 to my phone, on which DDB is now installed. I've performed some first tests, and seem to suffer from an extreme version of the problem mentioned above: Whatever I do, I can't get the JPG to display in the LRT mode. It doesn't matter when I check the button (during, before or after exposures), or whether I change the RAW/JPEG setting on my camera through DDB. It just doesn't work, nor does the box automatically uncheck after the next capture. This means that, to review the exposure, I would have to hit the image icon in the bottom right corner, review the last image and histogram, and then return to the LRT mode to change settings if needed. Not a very handy workaround.

Also, has the LRT mode changed after Gunther's excellent video tutorial? The version that I have seems to have less options to change the camera settings.

I would appreciate any tips! Thanks!
The LRT mode was simplified a bit, yes. But the behavior that you outline is not normal. Unfortunately I can't say anything about the reason - probably only Zoltan can.
Thanks for the quick response! I just contacted Zoltan to see if he has any tips. I will post an update if I figure out a solution!