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Full Version: How to use Auto Holy Grail with DslrDashboard
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This is an explanation how to use the very useful Auto Holy Grail Feature of DslrDashboard to get smooth and automatic transitions from day to night or night to day.
  • Set your camera settings to ensure a proper exposure. Avoid flicker by shooting wide open or with a manual aperture lens.
  • Set camera to "M" Mode, RAW+JPG shooting
  • Enter the DslrDashboard LRTimelapse mode.
  • Start the external interval timer to trigger the camera
  • Click on "Display JPG for next capture to get a preview
  • Choose Sunset or sunrise according to the situation. If you use Sunset, choose the longest Shutter time on the DDB screen and the maximum ISO. Make sure the longest shutter is at least 2 seconds shorter then the interval you set on your interval timer.
  • Set the step-size to 1/3 or 2/3 stops on the DDB screen
  • Activate the "Auto Holy Grail"
  • It will set the reference value to 10% under the current Avg readout. When AVG reaches the reference, DDB will change Shutter or ISO accordingly beginning with Shutter, then ISO.
  • Check your screen inbetween - if you feel the Histogram/Image still gets too dark or too bright, you can just increase or decrease the reference value with the dedicated +/- buttons. This will cause DDB to make changes earlier or later.
After finishing the shooting import your sequence into LRTimelapse and use the Holy Grail Wizard (see my tutorial) to level all adjustments.
Hello Gunther.
Thank you very much for the instructions to use DSLRdashboard. I take granted that this workflow is done shooting in 'Av' (Canon) aperture priority mode.
Not only me, but other people visiting this forum will also like to see your quick tutorial.
After many years of timelapsing this will be my first 'holy grail' attempt. I will start with my first tests next week.
Many thanks again for the tutorial!
Best wishes,
No, you certainly shoot in M-Mode, otherwise this all wouldn't make sense!
(2014-01-04, 12:14)gwegner Wrote: [ -> ]No, you certainly shoot in M-Mode, otherwise this all wouldn't make sense!

Ok Gunther, thanks for the important clarification!
In the video Gunther you mentioned something to use this with MX2. Can you use the dashboard with MX2 running on a dolly?
Sure, no problem. The MX2 will make the movement and trigger the camera shutter release. The Tablet with DslrDashboard will only change the camera settings.
I have it running on a Asus EEE PC android x86 with both the D800 and the D7100.
D800 USB and D7100 wifi adapter.
I can't get the auto holy grail to work with the D800, it will not display jpg for reference...any ideas?
My question.. Using DDB set for sunset it works as expected. SS decrease's then ISO increases. What I need to know is how to get the sunrise mode in DDB to increase SS from 25sec. to 1/16400 with ISO set at 100. (Just the opposite of Sunset settings).

Thanks Lars
Did you try? Should work in Sunrise mode, doesn't it?
I can't get the SS to move from 25sec & decrease exposure time as it get's lighter. had it set for sunrise. I get it work fine in the sunset mode on DDB
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