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Full Version: Timelapse missed a few shots
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I've just tried out the Auto Holy Grail feature which is a great feature. Appreciate it's still a work in progress so thought I'd share an experience with you.

I was shooting using a Nikon D7100 with a WU-1a and running DslrDashboard on my Galaxy Tab2 10.1

The tablet didn't move much from about 7 foot away from the camera and all seemed to be working well until I put together the timelapse and noticed a jump.

The intervalometer within DslrDashboard was set to 8 seconds and each shot was had an exposure of less than 1 second.

However, for some reason, there is a gap of around 30 seconds between 2 shots which created the gap.

Below is a link to the video and you can see the jump about 2/3rds the way through. Still got a lot to learn but timelapse is very addictive!
I always recommend using an external intervalometer for terms of reliability. This separates the shooting from the parameter changing. An even if something happens (wlan breaks, tablet crashes, whatever) the shooting will continue.
Ah! Thanks.

I didn't think about using my external intervalometer. I don't use it very often as I tend to use the built in one, but of course when "PC" connected it gets disabled.

Time for another go!
Which external intervalometer do you recommend? I have looked into a few options, and they have limit the number of shot to 399.

Your recommendation would be appreciated. I have a Nikon D90.

I use the Hahnel Giga Pro II.

Not only a great intervalometer but also a pretty good wireless remote.

Make sure you get the latest one. I have an older one that power saves every minute and turns off the remote. Not that it will affect the intervalometer, but I also use it for setting up a remote camera trap for wildlife, which means I have to keep turning the remote back on.
Thanks for responding. I really appreciate it.
I can recommend the Pixel-Timer, it's cheap, easily programmed and you can use it with nearly all cameras with the corresponding cable. You can even buy it directly as set with the right cable and it uses standard AAA batteries.