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Full Version: "Set Reference" - How / When to use
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Hi Gunther,

I shot some HG Time Lapses this weekend with great success using DSLR Dashboard with the LRTimelapse add on.

One question: The "Set Reference" option - when will you be using it? I have noticed that I can make manual changes to my ISO and Shutter Speed, and the Auto Holy Grail option will continue to correct exposure afterwards.

Is the "Set Reference" for use with the Auto Holy Grail option and is it advised to use this option rather than doing some manual changes yourself?

I prefer changing the reference value with the +/- buttons (10% each) - if I notice that the images are getting too bright or too dark because then you can just leave the Auto HG on and use that button to "fine tune".

If you change Exp/ISO directly, the reference will stay same and Auto-HG will still try to reach that old reference, working against you manual changes.