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Full Version: Cross platform DslrDashboard sneak peak
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Here is a sneak peak of the upcoming cross platform DslrDashboard.
Currently supported platforms: Windows, Linux, Android.
Hi.My first post.I try your app with tp link.Wery impresive,works vith Nikon d4 and d3x,My friends try with canon eos7 and mark ll 5. Perfect!
I see ,that you work on cross platform for Windows too.i l be wery glad d if i could test it.
Im a photgrapher which work in studio and outside for magazines .
In studio im wery disapointed with original Nikon program and all those wires on the studio flor....
I think,this is perfect solution ,your dslrdashboard and tp link.
Mu donation is on the way( l just waiting for payday).
Regards ,Preddy