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Full Version: Solved! DslrDashboard connection issues with Nikon WU-Adapter / D5300 internal WiFi
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Zoltan managed to figure out why is DslrDashboard or qDslrDashboard is failing to connect to WU-1a/1b or D5300.

The Nikon WMU application constantly trying to connect to WU-1a/1b and D5300 (even if the application is closed). As soon you change your Android device wireless to WU-1a/1b or D5300 the Nikon WMU will connect to it (even if the application is closed). As the WMU has established the connection DslrDashboard/qDslrDashboard can't connect to it.

SOLUTION: After I uninstalled the Nikon WMU I have no more connection problems/timeouts with DslrDashboard/qDslrDashboard and I can connect every time to WU-1a/1b or D5300.
Hi Gunther,

I just was wondering what "qDslrDashboard" is. I did not find something via the forum search and Google. Is this a special build?

This is still in closed beta. It's the cross platform version Zoltan is working on currently...
Ah, okay. I thought I missed something Wink Thanks