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Full Version: Alternatives to DSLR Dashboard
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I would like to start a thread to see what other options there are to control a camera during time-lapse. I love the DSLR app- when it works. but honestly over 80% of the time their is one glitch or another that happens. As we all know these glitches after all our preparation and physical labors to achieve a decent shot will destroy all our efforts.
I have tried Cam - Ranger and it doesn't measure up. I even tried manually turning the camera knobs last time I was shot, just to see how the results would turn out. It was surprisingly easy.

Are there other options available.
Hi Dave,
if there were better alternatives I would certainly be promoting them here.

I'm having access to some new (currently still closed beta) versions of DDB that are way more stable - Zoltan is really working hard on improving things. The latest betas already look very promising.
I suggest updating to the latest versions from Zoltans site, including the new TPLink firmware, if you are using the router. Give Zoltan a bit more time to stabilize everything, I'm sure it's worth it.

Another very important tip is to uninstall the WMAU Nikon App! It messes in the background with the connection causing instabilities even if not launched.

Will do. I absolutely love this app and have shown my support with my donation. This is the finest app , hands down… it is just the small glitches. I can only imagine how difficult it is to develop something as complex as this and then to have it work with different manufacturers.