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Full Version: USB connection
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Hi, I would like to ask for help. I cannot get this USB connection to work.
In all videos I watched on youtube, they just connected camera to tablet via USB cable and once they lunch the app, camera was detected, but not in my case. Nothing shows up, even after pressing "Search for USB camera".
Do I need to do some configuration on my tablet or dslr?
I have Canon 600D and tablet 3Q q-pad RC0722C with Android 4.1.1.
The app was downloaded today from Gogle Play.
I have this USB OTG cable which I got together with tablet. I already used it for connecting flashdrives and it worked just fine.
Does your Android device have the USB host function?
Do you get a dialog with the list of the application that can handle the connected DSLR after you connect and turn on your DSLR? If not then probably it means your Android device does not have the required USB host function.

USB flash drive is not the same as a USB connected DSLR camera and they function different.
you were right. My tablet did not support USB host function. Well, at least not with original version of Android. After rooting my tablet, your application works fine.
Thank you for your help and your awsome application.