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Full Version: sysupgrade advice for noob? "Couldn't open image file"
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After I failed to find the files at Google Code I accidentally installed a blank version of OpenWrt on my MR3040

So I need to flash the firmware with the new ddserver_openwrt-tl-mr3040-v2-squashfs-sysupgrade_0.12.bin which I have found here and scp'ed to the /tmp directory on my MR3040

but when it try to flash the firmware with mtd I get "Couldn't open image file"

Any advice most welcome! I'm using terminal on OSX for my SSH connection to the MR3040

I feel like I've got so close! Can you help me fix my install and get my MR3040 talking to my DslrDashboard?

Regards, Pete

PS this fantastic project was reason enough for me to get an Android tablet and delve into SSH! I love DslrDashboard!
Did you download the latest versions from here?
You installed an OpenWrt firmware without the web interface (Luci) ?

If yes then one option would be to get internet access for your MR3040 and install the Luci package.
Check the '/etc/config/network' file, you can adjust it to work with your local network.

Probably you would need luci, luci-mod-admin-core, luci-mod-admin-full, uhttpd (not sure as I never did this way)
use 'opkg update' to update the package list
'opkg list' to get the available packages
'opkg install <package_name>' to install the package

Another option would be to restore the original firmware as descibed here:
check the 'Restoring original firmware' section

I would try the first option first.
Just to be sure, if you have access to OpenWrt web interface ( by default) then use that for updating the firmware.
Thanks indeed for your replies!

I looked at installing Luci and found that a little daunting.

So I retried sysupgrade (which failed yesterday) with the ddserver bin from your link and it worked!

Web interface up and running.

I now know how to install this properly for my pals!