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Full Version: Multiple cameras with a single router
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Hi Zoltan,

Is it possible to connect 2-3 cameras via a usb hub to a single TPL MR3040 and then run Auto Holy Grail function on all of them ?

I'm not an expert on usb connections and routers so this maybe a very stupid question for you Smile


Yes it is possible to connect more cameras to MR3040 with USB hub and DslrDashboard recognises them (you will get a list with the names of the connected cameras, and you press on the name to connect to the camera)
LrTimelapse should also work with multiple cameras however I didn't test this.
Also you can only have LrTimelapse screen for one camera while the other will work in background.
That's great! Thanks!

I will test this next weekend when I go to my observatory. My 6D and 450D are there. Let's see how everything goes with 3 cameras running at the same time.