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Full Version: Cross platform DslrDashboard
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Released the cross platform DslrDashboard first beta version.
More info at:
Please see my initial report here.

I have a Nexus 7 (2013 version) running DslrDashboard (the most recent version on Google Play). I use OpenWrt running on the TP-Link MR3040. I have no problems (other than operator error) controlling my Nikon cameras. Do you recommend upgrading to the cross platform version? What is the difference between the two? Will the version on Google Play continue to be updated?

I checked the new web site (much appreciated and better from a useability point of view) but I could not find anything which might help answer the questions. So I thought I would give this forum a try.

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.
The differences are:
- it is cross platform (Windows, Linux, Android, hope I can get it to OSX and IOS to in future)
- it is written in C++
- in my view it is more stable then the Android only version
- some features are not yet implemented

In future I will focus on the cross platform version as it is lighter to update
not in english yet:
Hallo Zoltan,
herzlichstan Dank für Deine Super Arbeit.
Ich bin von Deiner Software begeistert.