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Full Version: DDB doesn't change Shutter Speed or ISO
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I have setup DDB according to Gunther's quick Auto Holy Grail setup instructions post. After starting the intervalometer, DDB works as expected. Reference value is fixed and the AVG values correctly displays brightness level changes.

When I dim the lighting the AVG values decrease as expected (30-400%), but neither the shutter speed nor the ISO changes to compensate for the change in brightness. Shouldn't SS and ISO change as I change brightness?

Start Shutter Speed: 1/50 sec. ISO 160
Max Shutter Speed: 1 sec, ISO 1600
Interval: 5 sec.
Camera Mode: Manual, RAW + JPEG
DDB Mode: Sunset, Auto Holy Grail
Equipment: Canon 5DM2, 5DM3, Android Nexus 7 Tables, OTG USB interface.
Make sure to leave enough time between longest shutter and interval (at least 2 seconds) to allow the camera to transfer the jpg and the tablet to send the control commands. Make sure to set Sunrise/Sunset accordingly.
I posted my question too soon. I am sorry, DDB works fine. Ignore my post.