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Full Version: Advice wanted: Nexus 7 and v0.15
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I've been fooling around with qDSLRdashboard, using the TL-MR3040 router, my workstation (Win7-64), and Canon 7D. This setup works well: quick connection, quick download of captured images. In short, no problems.

I recently bought a Nexus 7 (v2) with 32G, installed v0.15, and attempted to use this tablet with the 7D. First, I had great difficulties in getting a connection with qDSLRdashboard. No problem with the wireless: it was immediately recognized and the signal was excellent. I held down the icon button and it showed that the program was attempting to connect to my TL-MR3040 router, but the program then bombed. I eventually rebooted the tablet, reestablished the wireless connection, made sure the 7D and TL-MR3040 were talking to each other, captured an image with the camera, and then (and only then) qDSLRdashboard connected to the router and displayed the captured image.

My question boils down to why am I having troubles with the tablet connection, when my workstation connection seems flawless? I'm new to this tablet, so the answer may be in some setting (wireless setting?) that I am unaware of.

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. (I will also post this to the qDSLRdashboard forum for their input.)


I would recommend, for the time being, go back and download, and try the v 1.4 - it might work for you, I have v1.4 working reasonably well with a Samsung tablet, except when it crashes sometimes. But then I restart the tablet and qDslr and pick up where I left off. -No problems- all the images assemble perfectly in LRTL anyhow.

It's a multi-platform beta program. Making programs flawless takes time. It's amazing it works so well already - as it talks to at least 3 different pieces of hardware at the same time.
Thanks for the tips. And, just to be clear: I'm very appreciative of the software and thank the developer profusely for his time and efforts.
OS can also be a factor. I had the old dslrDB working well on my Nexus 7, but when the tablet auto upgraded its OS one night, DDB stopped working and I needed to upgrade it too, and DDserver!