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I just received my TPLink MR3040 modem. Its the one with 3 point switch on the side and its says V 2.3
Which openwrt firmware shall I flash?
Thanks you in Advance
Check for the latest versions of the firmware.
It should be V2 factory for you.
I did everything as mentioned in the guide /forum. Problem is my nexus 7v2 cant connect to tp link wifi. Its just says obtaining IP. Pls help.
Sounds like the router might not be correctly flashed or configured.
Now do I flash again? I can see the wifi openwrt but just can't connect? Which version to flash now?
You should always flash using a wired (LAN) cable connection.
You need to go into the tplink and change the LAST DIGIT(s) of the IP address to another number between 2-25. eg. to --- this is because is a generic IP address used on a lot of wireless devices (in America, I do not know about the rest of the world) I think it is located at under the Network tab (I am not a computer wiz and I do not have my router (tplink) sitting in front of me at this time to give you the exact location but this should be close.)
Then let your tablet do a search for open network connections and it should find it. click on it and you are ready to rock.
I reflashed it and problem solved. Thanks guys
Did you use the other video to restore it to factory settings first? Then re-install using the V0.2-13 factory files or just reflash it using the V0.2-13 Sys upgrade files? Still not getting mine to work Sad