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Full Version: Using phone to control 5D mk 2?
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I'm just getting back into time lapse after a bit of a break. Some things have changed, and I wanted to check if it is possible to use dslrDashboard on an Android phone (HTC Desire) with an OTG cable, or with the wireless router to control a Canon 5D mk 2?

If I can do so, it would be really helpful as it would save the cost of a Nexus 7 and also space in my bag. I could use the phone as a dedicated piece of kit, as it is a spare from a family member.

Sorry if this has been answered beofre, but a search didn't turn up quite the answers I was after.

Many thanks in advance.
I use it on a 5D mII, so that part works fine.

qDslDashboard for me is run on a Samsung Tab2 tablet. Frankly the interface on the tablet at times is a little petite for my adult fingers.

I don't know if running it on a phone runs a different interface or not. My suggestion is to try loading it. Even if it's not connected to the router, you will still get a pretty good idea what it's going to look like. -and this will cost you nothing. if you can manage the first screen, I'd bet that the rest is OK.
Great, thanks for the reply I'll give it a go. Which do you use on your camera, the cable or the router? If you've used both, which do you find better? I'd need to buy either to use, at the moment the cable looks good, as its less bulky, and one fewer batteries to think about, but obviously harder to control the phone I would assume?
@carlso2: you can change the resolution of the UI in the latest qDslrDashboard versions to scalle the elements. It's right on the start screen.